ECY03B Farmhouse: This farmhouse isolate from a small but fascinating producer of Saison; Identified as Saccharomyces boulardii - a  wild-type strain of Saccharomyces cerevisae. Very dry, mineral finish.  Recommended Temperature: 78-82⁰F. Apparent Attenuation: up to 80%.

ECY07 Scottish Heavy: CL-200 Leaves a fruity profile with woody, oak esters reminiscent of malt whiskey. Well suited for 90/shilling or heavier ales including old ales and Stouts due to level of attenuation (77-80%). Suggested fermentation temp: 60-68°F.

ECY08 Saison Brasserie:  A combination of several Saison yeasts for both fruity and spicy characteristics accompanied by dryness. Apparent Attenuation: up to 80%. Suggested fermentation temp: 75-85° F.

ECY09 Belgian Abbaye: This yeast produces classic Belgian ales – robust, estery with large notes of clove and fruit. Rated highly in sensory tests described in "Brew Like A Monk" for complexity and low production of higher alcohols. Apparent attenuation 74-76%. Suggested fermentation temp: 66 - 72° F. 

ECY10 Old Newark Ale: Sourced from a now defunct east coast brewery, this pure strain was identified as their “ale pitching yeast”. Good for all styles of American and English ales. Top fermenting, high flocculation with a solid sedimentation. Suggested fermentation temp: 60-68°F. Apparent Attenuation: 76-78% 

ECY13 Belgian Abbaye 2: Traditional Abbey yeast with a complex, dry, fruity malt profile. Rated highly in sensory tests described in "Brew Like A Monk" for complexity and low production of higher alcohols. Apparent Attenuation: 74-76%. Suggested fermentation temp: 66-72° F.

​ECY14 Saison: This pure strain leaves a smooth, full character with mild esters reminiscent of apple pie spice. Apparent attenuation 76-78%. Suggested fermentation temp: 75 - 82° F. 

ECY21 Kölschbier: CL-450. Produces a clean lager-like profile at ale temperatures. Smooth mineral and malt characters come through with a clean, lightly yeasty flavor and aroma in the finish. Recommended fermentation temperature: 58-66ºF; Apparent attenuation: 75-78%.

ECY28 Kellerbier: This yeast CL-660 exhibits a clean, crisp lager in traditional northern German character. Use in German Pilsners including Kellerbier.  Recommended fermentation temperature 46-54ºF; Apparent attenuation: 74-76%. 

​ECY41 Dour Saison: Dry, peppery, and complex earthy notes. Saccharomyces cerevisiae var. diastaticus. Fermentation Temp 77-80°F. Attenuation: 77-83%.  

ECY43 Nordic Farmhouse: Sigmund strain of Kveik yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae). Traditionally used in the production of Norwegian Farmhouse Ale yielding spicy orange peel flavor, particularly if underpitched.  Recommended Fermentation temperature: 90-105 ºF. Pitch temperature: 102ºF . Apparent Attenuation: 78 - 83%. 

NEW - ECY46 Farmhouse 2: An American farmhouse isolate (Saccharomyces cerevisae / boulardii) producing a pleasant tartness quickly upon fermentation (pH 4.0 - 4.1).  Expect high attenuation, Slight citrus esters and tartness. Suggested fermentation temperature: 76-82⁰F. Apparent Attenuation: 80-84%. 


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