​​​*All ale strains are designed to be approximately 1 - 1.25 million cells / ml wort / degree Plato. Lager strains at least 1.75 million cells / ml wort / degree Plato

ECY03B Farmhouse :  From a small but fascinating producer of Saison. A wild-type Saccharomyces strain (S. boulardii) producing low to moderate ester production with subtle spiciness. Finishes dry and slightly tart. Alc. Attenuation ~ 80 % , Temp. Range 70-84ºF. 

ECY08 Saison Brasserie: A combination of several saison yeast strains for both fruity and spicy characteristics accompanied with dryness (attenuation ~ 80%). Suggested fermentation temperature: 75-85ºF. 

ECY10 Old Newark Ale: Sourced from a now defunct east coast brewery, this pure strain was identified as their “ale pitching yeast”. Good for all styles of American and English ales. Top fermenting, high flocculation with a solid sedimentation. Suggested fermentation temp: 60-68°F. Apparent Attenuation: 76% ​

ECY14 Saison : This strain leaves a smooth, full farmhouse character with mild esters reminiscent of apple pie spice. Attenuation 76-78%; fermentation temperature: 75-82ºF.  

ECY17 Burton Union: Produces a bold, citrusy character which accentuates mineral and hop flavors. Well-suited for classic British pale ales and ESB. Apparent attenuation 73-75%. Recommended fermentation temp: 64 - 69° F

ECY21 Kölschbier: ​ Produces a clean lager-like profile at ale temperatures. Smooth mineral and malt characters come through with a clean, lightly yeasty flavor and aroma in the finish. Recommended fermentation temperature: 58-66ºF; apparent attenuation: 75-78%. 

​​ECY40 Nouveau Farmhouse : Northeastern-foraged wild yeast. Very soft palate; light clove and fruity esters reminiscent of Saison. Slight tartness. Slight fermentation of dextrin possible. Recommended Fermentation Temperature 78-86°F, Attenuation 80-85%. 

ECY41 Dour Saison : Dry, Peppery, earthy complex yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae var. diastaticus) - slight fermentation of dextrin .  Fermentation temperature: 80-86 F. 

ECY42 French Farmhouse: Dry French Saison-style yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae var. diastaticus) - slight utilization of of dextrin possible.  Handles hops and spices well. Attenuation: 77-83% .

ECY43 Nordic Farmhouse: ​​Sigmund strain. Traditionally used in the production of Norwegian ales, this strain is a fast fermenter with good attenuation, a light earthy spiciness, and unique ester profile of orange peel.  Fermentation temperature: 90-100 ºF. Attenuation: 78 - 83%. 

* Custom blends available with all of the above with/without Brettanomyces, lactic-acid producers, etc.

* Older strains available but may be delayed in production. (i.e. ECY03 Farmhouse Blend, ECY07 Scottish Heavy, ECY09 Belgian Abbaye, ECY11 Belgian White, ECY12 Old Newark Beer, ECY13 Belgian Abbaye 2, ECY15 Munich Festbier, ECY18 British Mild, ECY28 Kellerbier). 


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