*All ale strains are designed to be approximately 1 - 1.25 million cells / ml wort / degree Plato. Lager strains at least 1.75 million cells / ml wort / degree Plato

ECY07 Scottish Heavy : Leaves a fruity profile with woody, oak esters reminiscent of malt whiskey. Well suited for 90/shilling or heavier ales including old ales and barleywines. Attenuation 77-80%. Fermentation temperature: 60-68ºF.   

ECY08 Saison Brasserie : A combination of several saison yeast strains for both fruity and spicy characteristics accompanied with dryness (attenuation ~ 80%). Suggested fermentation temperature: 75-85ºF.

ECY09 Belgian Abbaye : This yeast produces classic Belgian-style ales - robust, estery with a large note of clove and plum fruit. Rated highly in sensory tests described in "Brew Like a Monk" for complexity and low production of higher alcohols. Attenuation 74-76%, fermentation temperature 66-72ºF.

ECY10 Old Newark Ale : Sourced from a defunct east coast brewery, this pure strain was identified as their "ale-pitching yeast" with likely British heritage. Good for all styles of American and English ales with light fruity esters, high flocculation and a compact sedimentation. Suggested fermentation temperature: 60-68ºF; attenuation ~76%. Robust and reliable.

ECY11 Belgian White : Isolated from the Hainaut region, this pure yeast will produce flavors reminiscent of witbiers.  Apparent attenuation: ~ 76%.  Suggested fermentation temp: 72 - 75ºF. Hazy, low flocculation.

ECY13 Belgian Abbaye 2 : Traditional Belgian yeast with a complex, dry, fruity malt profile. Well balanced of spice and bubble-gum. Rated highly in sensory tests described in "Brew Like a Monk" for complexity and low production of higher alcohols. Attenuation 74-76%; fermentation temperature: 66-72ºF. Very strong fermenter - 12 % alcohol tolerance.

ECY14 Saison Single : This strain leaves a smooth, full farmhouse character with mild esters reminiscent of apple pie spice. Attenuation 76-78%; fermentation temperature: 75-82ºF.  

ECY17 Burton Union : Produces a bold, citrusy character which accentuates mineral and hop flavors. Well suited for classic English pale ales and ESB.  Attenuation 73-75%; fermentation temperature: 64-69ºF.

ECY21 Kölschbier : Produces a clean lager-like profile at ale fermentation temperatures. Smooth mineral and malt flavors come through with a clean, lightly yeasty flavor and aroma in the finish. Recommended fermentation temperature: 58-66ºF; attenuation:75-78%. Very high flocculation.   

ECY27Session Ale: Soft, yeasty, fruity nose with complex esters of ripe fruit, apricots, and rose petals. Unique for bitters and Scottish shilling ales, as well as,  session IPAs. Recommended fermentation temperature 62-68ºF; apparent attenuation: 73-75%.

ECY28 Kellerbier: This yeast exhibits a clean, crisp lager in the traditional northern German character. Use in German pilsners including Kellerbier. Recommended fermentation temperature: 46-54ºF; attenuation: 74-76%. High flocculation.


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